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Welcome To Our Website

“I want to live in my own home, as long as I'm able." 

My mother has often said this.  Perhaps yours has, too. This is the firm desire of most elders and the wish of their children for them. 

Many, however, will eventually need to make difficult decisions about a different kind of living arrangement, one that lovingly provides for their physical, emotional, and social needs as they grow older.  

We provide what most nursing homes cannot... the same warm, caring atmosphere of your home with the benefit of professional healthcare, offering many of the same benefits of a nursing home, in a more social environment, at about half the cost. Call us about this sensible alternative.

As you explore lifestyle options to find the next best thing to home, you will want to consider A&M Quality Assisted Living of Scottsdale.  Please browse through our website, then do not hesitate to call if you have any questions or require further information. It is my sincere hope, now that you have visited our website, that you will come and meet us in person. Our door is always OPEN!         


Thank you for visiting us!

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